Nalgene water bottles are BPA free, reusable and virtually indestructible water bottles perfect for outdoor or regular use. If you want a durable drink bottle for extreme outdoor adventures or even just to stay environmentally friendly, try a Nalgene water bottle in Australia today.

These products are not as simple in design as they seem. Nalgene water bottles are constructed with BPA free materials. Thick, durable walls make your Nalgene water bottle resistant to breakage when compared to lesser quality brands. The base of each bottle is curved for easier internal cleaning, making these products ideal for reuse.

With wide and narrow mouth options, these products are ideal for any drinking style or preference. In both 500ml and 1000ml sizes you can easily keep track of how hydrated you are throughout your outdoor expedition. Hydration is key to survival and a Nalgene water bottle in Australia will help you keep your fluids up at all times.

Our range also includes the flexible Wide Mouth Canteen, 1500ml and 3000ml sizes. These flexible large carry containers allow you to maximise on the space in your hiking bag without compromising on your need for hydration. The lightweight container when empty can be manipulated to fit within your bag with ease and then filled upon arrival to a tap, stream or other safe water sources.

The Nalgene range is a healthy and affordable alternative to other water bottle options. The peace of mind you receive in knowing your bottle is made of premium quality materials and BPA free gives you the chance to really enjoy your outdoor adventures. A Nalgene water bottle in Australia will give you the chance to stay outdoors for longer.

Don’t be left high and dry – check out our range below or in-store with one of our friendly Extac Australia experts today!

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