Folomov 18650S LED Flashlight | 900 Max Lumens

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Folomov 18650S LED Flashlight Specifications:

  • Nichia 219D Led, Max 900 lumen, with one 2600mAh protected USB charging battery
  • 15 Modes, including five brightness modes, strobe, SOS, beacon, moonlight, tactical modes, lock, memory and timing functions
  • Only 3.9" length, smallest size and lightweight, compact tactical flashlight
  • IPX-8 waterproof, resistant to under 2 meters water, it's very reliable outdoors
  • Hard anodizing, gold plating spring and perfect parabola reflector, it's high quality

Normal five brightness modes and moonlight function
Option 1. Press and hold the tail switch for 0.5s to access moonlight level. Then press tail switch quickly to access to memorized mode.
Option 2. Quickly press the tail switch to access a memorized mode. When in the memorized mode, quickly press the tail switch to cycle ultra low--low--middle--high--turbo--high--middle--low--ultra low and choose the mode you need.
Option 3. Double press the tail switch to access a strobe mode, then double press to SOS, a beacon to strobe circling. Press once to get to memory illumination modes.

Tactical modes and normal modes changes

  1. Activation: No matter if the light is on or off, press tail switch twice to access Strobe
  2. When in strobe mode, press tail switch twice to cycle Strobe → SOS → Beacon → Strobe.
  3. Press tailswitch quickly to get back to the memorized illumination mode.NOTE: Normal modes and tactical modes can be changed. Quickly press the tail switch 7 times to revise the modes. LED will flash 6 times to indicate the mode has been revised.

Lock, timing and memory function

  1. Lockout function: Lock the tail switch to avoid accidental activation. When 18650S is off, quickly press the tail switch 3 times to access to lockout mode, led will flash 3 times. When the tail switch is locked, press it 3 times to access unlocked mode, led will flash once. Then 18650S can be activated again.
  2. Countdown timer function (Unavailable in tactical mode). When the light is on, access timer mode and start3 minute countdown with led flashing once. In this way, you can choose different times (30mins at most) forcountdown.
  3. Memory function (Unavailable in tactical mode).


SKU F18650S
Barcode # 8011475769035
Brand Folomov

Perfect EDC flashlight once you get used to the UI

By: on 9 October 2019
First up, this product is very good value for money. You get a micro USB rechargeable Li-Ion 3400mAh 18650 included with the light. You rarely get such a high capacity cell from other well known flashlight manufacturers included with the light, so that’s a great first impression. The light itself is very well constructed, it betrays the low price point and compares well to my other lights. The emitter however is not the warm Nichia 219D with a 3000k tint (providing 900 lumens) but the Extac boys have instead got in the more neutral white 219D at a 5000k tint (providing 960 lumens on turbo). If you are used to cool white beams, it will take a moment to adjust to an emitter that’s at 5000k or lower in colour temperature. The tint is utterly gorgeous and to my eyes has better colour rendition than similar CRI70+ emitters that are cool white in tint. The light does get quite warm on turbo pretty quick, but for everyday use, moonlight through to high is more than sufficient. As for beam profile, you do get a fairly distinct hotspot courtesy of the smooth reflector but because it’s set quite shallow, the spill is quite large so you get a very useful swath of light to use. The only potential issue is the user interface. Most lights on the market use L-M-H-L-M-H interfaces to select your main modes. Not with Folomov; it’s taken some getting used to their L-M-H-M-L mode ramping setup. This for me is a minor blip in the overall package. The 18650S could have been better had it also supported the use of CR123s and RCR123s, but at this price, just buy yourself a spare 18650 (or two...) and you’ll have plenty of light to use in an emergency or otherwise. This for me supplants my SureFire G2X Tactical (320 lumen, Nichia 219B, neutral white, 16650/CR123) in my EDC setup from here on in.

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