Handcuffs and Accessories

Extac Australia provide a range of quality steel handcuffs for those in the security and law enforcement profession. As a restricted item you are unable to buy handcuffs online however you can browse and learn more about these products through our website or by contacting us today.

Extac Australia stocks Smith and Wesson handcuffs and UZI hinged handcuffs online. All our Smith and Wesson and UZI products come with two keys and double- lock systems for greater security. Their steel construction and sleek design make them tough and durable, perfect for law enforcement and security needs.

Our UZI leg cuffs are engineered with ditched jaws and double safety lock for an extra level of security. 16 inches of tough welded chain connect the cuffs making it virtually impossible to cause trouble when locked up in these polished nickel cuffs.

A variety of colours are available in our Smith and Wesson handcuffs and UZI hinged handcuffs online, including pink, matte black and standard silver finish. We also stock a tactical nylon case, perfect for the UZI hinged handcuffs.

As military and tactical product specialists we pride ourselves on our ability to stock these products and service the law enforcement industry.

PLEASE NOTE- If you wish to buy handcuffs online please be aware that these products are considered a restricted item and cannot be purchased by the general public. Only those in the security and the law enforcement industry are able to purchase these items. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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