DPx Gear HEST II Assault Tactical Fixed Blade Knife - OD Paracord

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  • HEST (Hostile Environment Survival Tool)
  • 7.63" overall
  • 3.15" black satin TiCN PVD-coated Niolox tool steel blade
  • Full tang
  • Unique wire stripper, jimping, and hard lashing points
  • Thumb grip/bottle opener
  • Integrated striker pommel and pry bar
  • 1/4" hex driver
  • OD green paracord wrapped handle with lanyard
  • Cord wrap may be removed
  • Also comes with a pair of black G-10 handle scales
  • Weight: 4.80 oz.
  • Black Cordura belt sheath with utility pocket.
  • Designed by Robert Young Pelton
  • Handmade by Lion Steel in Italy
  • Limited production


Barcode # 857171003411
Brand DPX Gear
Shipping Weight 0.3100kg

That's not a knife

By: on 15 June 2020
This one was on my bucket list for some time and when it appeared on sale @ extac & the funds were availble I jumped. Extac service was excellent. Wish I could say the same for the Dpx. This came with a blade bevel so steep @ the tip it would have been blunt as a chisel & as a knife blade utterly useless. Not only that the grind was crooked and swaged out @ the tip. So stock out of the box it was an unusable boat anchor. That is why it gets one star. Retail was $ 235 or so. I paid $200 and it utterly failed in stock form as a knife capable of cutting properly at least to any standard I would find acceptable. So what to do? Send it back under warranty or if testing the temper. It was found to be good, reprofile the secondary blade bevel. Because of the current covid crisis and all the BS involved in claiming warranty I decided on reprofiling the bevel to a shallower angle. After that it functioned ok as a heavy duty beater knife.& I mean Heavy Duty. This beast is no lightweight for such a short blade. 135 g mainly because it is 4.7 mm thick @ the spine. Slicing is somewhat compromised due to that thickness but this is designed and indeed almost begs to be abused with utter confidence which is what I wanted. The sheath would be fine if it wasn't called the assault. Built well enough but as a self defense knife sheath a total fail. It makes a quick draw for defense impossible. Also points off for non ambidextrous carry options. Seriously in a real world knife attack you would be half stabbed to death before even getting this thing out of its sheath. Lastly the wire stripper/ thumb jimping makes for an uncomfortable experience. I'm cleaning out the holes of coating & filling them with metal weld. Experimenting with blue tack filling the holes made this WAY more comfy. The reason I kept it is because it is such an optimum design for doing all those things you should never do with a knife. Opening cans ,prying and stabbing through stff you should never stab with a knife. But ths is so sturdy you feel comfortable abusung it. The claimed RC is 61 which appears correct but with toughness to boot in the much undeerrated Niolox steel..So once my blade profiling turned it into an actual knife instead of a blunt chisel did I like it? Yes & no. Any fixed blade you buy is a team effort because without the right sheath it is not much use. This is advertised as a survival/tactical knife and requres a better sheath designed with that in mind. And that is what I will do. Why? Because I can. Can I recommend it? NO! If I could give Zero I would because it was sold as a knife and out the box it totally failed for its designated purpose. There are $50 knives that have vastly superior edges compared to what came stock with this $235 retail knife. FAIL. But like God almighty I resurected it to be born again with a new blade profile. All praise and glory to Meeeeee.Hahaha! Damn it's just SO fantastic being me!

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