Marbles Mini Hatchet Axe

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Marbles Mini Hatchet Axe Specifications:

  • 6 7/8" overall
  • 1 3/4" axe head with 3" cutting edge
  • One piece stainless construction with black cord lanyard


Barcode # 871373003734
Brand Marbles
Shipping Weight 0.1600kg

Marbles mini hatchet

By: on 2 April 2021
I bought one of these over two years ago as a compact wood processing tool for my mini wood burning stove. I didn't need a hatchet and did not want the size or weight of one either. I had only intended to use this tiny tool for very light work but it was to prove far more useful than I expected during the time that I have carried it on my travels over the past 24months or so. On one occasion i was walking in the woods and saw a large tree that had been struck by lightening. It looked to be on the point of falling and may have been a danger to an unsuspecting rambler. So I took my tiny hatchet and began chopping at the tree trunk. Admittedly, it took me almost 18 hours of work ( which was broken up with rest breaks), but eventually the hazard was felled and lay before me on the forrest floor! On another occasion i was walking beside a twisty back road when a car driver misjudged a bend, swerved and caused the car to overturn. The occupants were trapped inside as the crumpled roof was preventing them from opening the doors. In fear of the vehicle bursting into flame I ran to the car and used the solid, rounded end of the hatchet's handle to smash the windows of the car. Then used the blade to easily slice through the seat belts which were preventing escape. The four passengers and their dog were freed safely and were overjoyed. I still get an Xmas card every year from them! Another time I was camping alone in the wood ( or so I thought), when out of the bushes came five men, all carrying guns. They quickly surrounded me at gun point and demanded I give them my few belongings. The straw that broke the camels back was when one of them walked over to my camp fire and took both of the sausages that I was cooking and stuffed them into his mouth, laughing at me as he did. As quick as lightening, I pulled out my trusty mini hatchet and flew at him. I managed to cut his throat with my freshly sharpened blade before he had even swallowed my sausages ( which immediately caused the smile on his face to disappear). In a flash I pounced upon each one of the marauders , slashing and hacking at vital body parts. They obviously were not expecting me to react like this and were taken off guard , as not one of them managed to fire off a shot before I inflicted a deadly wound . In only mere seconds all five of them were laying dead or dying around my camp fire and I was able to continue with my meal without further interuption! It only goes to show that it's not what you've got, but how you use it that matters. Despite its small size this mini hatchet is a very capable tool and I would strongly recommend it to absolutely everyone!

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