Shinobi Carbon Steel Cutting Katana - Black | 40" Overall, 1095 Carbon Steel, ZJZSH27

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The Shinobi Black Carbon Steel Cutting Katana is an excellent entry-level cutting sword and measures 40.9" overall (including Saya). The tempered 28" razor-sharp 1095 high carbon steel blade features a blood groove and makes for a quicker moving blade.

The black rayskin handle features a black cord wrap and finishes the handle beautifully and measures 10.6". Other features include- Red and black damascus style blade, and black finish cast metal tsuba and pommel. Black lacquer finish scabbard is also included.


  • 40.9" overall (including Saya)
  • 28" blade
  • 7mm thick
  • 1095 carbon steel
  • 10.6" white rayskin handle
  • Cast metal tsuba
  • Samurai battle motif
  • Black lacquer finish scabbard


Brand Samurai Sword
Shipping Weight 1.7300kg
Shipping Width 0.095m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 1.090m
Shipping Cubic 0.009319000m3

Shinobi carbon steel cutting katana

By: on 14 October 2019
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this in relation to the price? This is where the staff at extac really stands out from so many others ! I would not normally have started collecting Japanese swords but with Adrian's reviews I had to ask why they were so cheap. But as collectors themselves they know the customer & that's why I buy from them.

Great sword for the price!

By: on 25 May 2019
I've always wanted a Samurai Sword in my blade collection, and when I saw the great offer from Extac for the Shinobi sword I just couldn't resist... A few days later it turned up in the post in a long, slim box. Inside was the sword in its scabbard in a black, fabric bag suspended in polystyrene to keep it from bumps. On taking it out I was very happy - it is a weighty blade that is immediately impressive - the overall 'first glance' unboxing moment was great - a good deal for sure! On the plus side is the hilt - the black Ito (hilt wrap), and black rayskin Same (underwrap) giving the whole blade a black, foreboding look, with the details in and around the hilt such as the golden Mekugi (pegs) giving it a luxury feel. The Tsuba (hand guard) was nicely detailed and decorated and it just didn't feel cheap in any way. The blade itself was very sharp which was impressive, and certainly felt like it wouldn't bend or snap with some hefty cutting - it has a solid Mune (backbone) to it. The blade also has a black semi-gloss finish to it and was oiled to prevent any rusting on the blade. Awesome! On the down side (for the price), I only really noticed two slight disappointments. The first was the paint finishing on the Tsuba which wasn't the best, with a very slight bronzing showing through on some of the higher-relief detail - nothing bad and took a close inspection to reveal it [and one could say it adds a bit of character] - but I wanted it to be solid, jet black. Secondly, the 'black, Damascus-style blade' isn't really what you think - there aren't the traditional waved lines associated with tempering in a Damascus manner, more like the black paint has some slight swirls in it. Not bad in any way but don't get your hopes up that this has a cool Damascus effect in the black paint... :) Also, and probably my personal biggest disappointment (but common on cheaper blades as my research discovered), is that the end few cm of the blade, the rounded Kissaki (point) is actually bare steel. At first I was like 'WHOA! They forgot to finish spraying the blade!" but after I did some digging on Samurai sword websites and YouTube and checked the pictures again, it is a common instance on cheaper, sprayed blades in that they spray them, then sharpen the Kissaki to a rounded point. A bit strange to do it this way if you ask me, but that's the deal so don't be shocked when you unsheathe your Shinobi and the end of the blade isn't black like the rest. (In fact this is something I intend to rectify in the future after I take some advice on spraying Samurai swords...) The blade edge also didn't have that nice, swirly Hamon (edge pattern) that really stands out on good swords - again the black lacquered blade and the price meant a different, cheaper sharpening option, but again it had a decently sharp blade and I reckon it will be going through thick bamboo without a care in the world. The Saya (scabbard) was decent quality and the blade slid nicely into it with a solid connection and no wobbling - this was a good feeling. The detail around the Habaki (blade collar) was good and again it felt very 'solid' and decent quality - in fact everything about the Saya is good - paint finish, wood finish, fit and traditional features like the Sageo (hanging cord) mean that I'd be happy to display this sword. Yup - looks great. To be honest I haven't set up something to cut, but a trip to the woods to find some dead tree branches will test it out for sure. Looking at it and feeling the weight, 'solidness' and sharpness of the blade leaves me in no doubt I'll be slicing through those branches like butter. Can't wait! SUMMARY: For a few hundred bucks this is a GREAT buy and I would definitely recommend it as a practice sword, display piece or 'fun' cutting blade. Sure - its not a several thousand dollar professional Samurai sword so don't expect a Hittori Hanzo blade from Kill Bill or to be running around like Lone Wolf - but you'll get a solid blade certainly worthy of display or some live-blade practice - your choice. If I could give this 4 1/2 stars I would - but unfortunately my star rating is only a 4 or 5 - and I just think it's a tad shy of a perfect 5 for me (for reasons detailed above). With all that said... GO EXTAC - another great purchase!!!

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