Tactical Shemagh - Olive Drab and Black

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Traditional desert headwear and essential for protecting eyes, nose, mouth and neck from sand and dust. Can also be used as a neck warmer and/or hand towel. Currently used by U.S. and British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 100% cotton construction. Measures approximately 44" x 44" opened.


Brand Shemagh


By: on 21 January 2020
Very useful for different applications

Every outdoorsman should own one

By: on 15 May 2019
Ok, it's a big square cloth, but as big square cloths go it's of great quality. The construction is great, well stitched and finished and the pattern is actually woven into the cloth, not printed on (like some lower-quality ones). Size-wise it's definitely big enough to wrap 'round any would-be woodsman's noggin and then some. I use one every time I go into the bush (had to recently replace the one I had) and I'm glad I had one each and every time. There are so many uses for such a simple thing! Not just for sand and dust but as a sun shroud, neck warmer (or cooler if wet first), a sling, quick dump sack, towel, makeshift tourniquet (with use of a stick), a ground cloth, pillow, rolled up and used as a tie-down or short rope, large particulate water filter, pot holder, and in extreme cases even a weapon (place a rock in the middle and swing). In my mind, a Shemagh is a necessity.

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