Extac Australia has one of the largest camping, tomahawk and throwing axe ranges online. We only sell the highest quality brands such as Cold Steel, Schrade and Mtech Axes in Australia. If you want to buy an axe online Extac Australia has the best range available. Extac Australia currently stocks camping axes, tomahawk, Viking, and training axes, as well as survival, hunting, and even axe sheaths. You can browse and buy an axe online with Extac Australia.


High Quality Axes At The Best Price

Buy the best quality axe in Australia from our range of trusted brands. Depending on what you need whether it be a double edge, camping, throwing or even axe hammer we have you covered at Extac Australia. Get the highest quality camping axe for sale. What makes these tools great? Cold Steel axes are made from some of the toughest steel in the world but still maintaining a lightweight feel by taking advantage of heavy use wooden handles. Made in the USA Cold Steel axes have become close to if not the best axe brand to buy online. We also boast an incredible range of Schrade axes which have quickly made a name for themselves as creators of reliable and high quality axes.


Camping Axes

If your goal is to browse and buy camping axes online Extac Australia is the number one store for all your camping axe needs. What does it take to make the best camping axe? The properties of the blade need to be sharp and durable at the same time. The best large axe needs to be weighted heavily at the blade creating extra momentum and force with your swing, especially for a wood cutting axe. You can even use the back of the blade as an axe hammer to knock down a tent peg or stake.


Tomahawk Axes

When you buy tomahawk axes online you're getting a great survival and multipurpose tool. Not only are the best tomahawk axes used for chopping and cutting, they double as an amazing throwing axe... simply lay down a large block of wood, make sure the area is clear and start throwing your Marbles, Mtech, Shrade or Cold Steel Tomahawk into your wooden target. Extac Australia is the best place to buy tomahawk axes.

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