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When you decide to go on any outdoor adventure, whether it be hunting, hiking, camping, military based or even just a short day trip, a multi-tool is by far one of the most practical and essential pieces of equipment. Multi-tools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, brands and as the name suggests, a multitude of tools and accessories. A multi-tool will make any job an easy job. The most popular brand and style of multi-tool on the market today is the Leatherman Wave.

The Leatherman Wave comes with 18 different tools in one small pocket sized leather pouch. Redesigned in 2004, the Leatherman Wave has become one of the most sought after multi-tools on the market. With blades which can be deployed with one hand, large knives and strong pliers it has become an international best seller.

Perfect for any outdoor adventure these tools are considered to be a must-have item. This product is not just for the outdoor adventurers. Useful for those working in the trade industries, for example landscaping, mechanics, carpentry or plumbing, the Wave is a perfect accompaniment to any toolbox. Helpful in a range of situations, you will not want to leave your house without your Leatherman Wave sitting comfortable on your hip.

With a leather pouch with waist belt clip attachment, this product is portable and practical for all. You won’t be stuck rummaging through a large toolbox or toolkit-apron for that small screwdriver or pair of wire cutters. Instead you will have all these tools conveniently at your fingertips. The Leatherman Wave is an inexpensive and practical product that will help in all your outdoor adventures. Why not come down to our QLD showroom or watch our product video online?

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