Extac Australia has a vast range of single and two handed machetes available for purchase. Used for the most extreme of situations a machete is considered to be one of the toughest and most durable survival weapons on the market. These products can also be used in a range of work fields such as landscaping and tree trimming. The two handed machete is sharp, powerful and able to speed up the hard labour of gardening. Constructed of strong carbon steel, these products are durable for extreme environments making them a reliable survival tool.

Extac Australia is a supplier of Cold Steel machetes. Cold Steel machetes are one of the most respected brands in the survival weapon industry. Made with 1055 carbon steel, the Cold Steel products are tough and incredibly sharp. Their designs inspired by ancient weapons and knife building techniques prove to be effective and resilient to harsh conditions and repeated use.

Cold Steel have a large range of shapes and sizes, ensuring you are able to select the perfect products to suit your needs. A smooth, matte black finish make these products look as good as they feel. Also available is a multitude of accompanying sheaths.

The two handed machete is characterised by its long handle and shorter blade, allowing the user to get maximum force with minimal effort. With a blade length approximately half the size of the handle, the two handed blade is a fantastic survival weapon or tool. Cutting down tough brush or bamboo becomes light work when you use a two handed machete.

Browse our products below and see for yourself just how effective they are.

Marbles Parang Belt Sheath

Marbles Parang Belt Sheath


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