Tactical Flashlights

A high quality torch or LED head torch is a piece of gear everyone should have. Extac Australia has a large catalogue of LED tactical flashlights, headlamps and rechargeable torches. The advances in modern technology have led to longer lasting, lightweight and rechargeable torches. This means that you can enjoy and explore the outdoors for longer periods of time.

Extac Australia stocks some of the most trusted brands in tactical flashlights. Acebeam and Folomov are well respected brands in the flashlight industry. Perfect for security, hunting, hiking and camping, these products are of the highest standard. Accessories include rechargeable batteries, baton extenders, remote switches and weapon mounts. If you need the right gear to light up the night, check out our selection of quality LED torches.

Acebeam Torches

Acebeam LED torches are the perfect LED tactical flashlights. Heavy-duty, well-constructed and unbelievably bright. Extac Australia stock entry-level to high-end tactical flashlights supplied by Acebeam. From all prices, we stock the right gear for you to light up your surroundings with precision.

Folomov LED Flashlights

Folomov has raised the bar for rechargeable head torches and pocket LED torches. Packing the brightest punch in some of the most compact designs, Folomov’s products illuminate the market and are pushing for the top. With almost unprecedented brightness in some of the smallest sizes, you will be amazed by the level of quality engineering put into these products.

Don’t be left in the dark, browse our range today!

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