Cold Steel Dragon Walking Stick 39.5" | Black, Polypropylene, CS91PDRZ

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The mythical dragon has captured the imagination of man for centuries. Asian folklore casts them as benign creatures, man's allies in a hostile world, or as symbols of imperial Chinese power, used as motifs on palace walls, and on soldier's breastplates.

In the west, they were known to be fierce adversaries, fire breathing, clever beasts who rained destruction and levelled villages. The brave knight who slew one could return to his village after winning the hand of the fetching fair maiden he saved from the dragon's wrath. Legends aside, a dragon is a powerful creature possessed of extraordinary physical attributes, which command respect across the board.

It is for this reason Cold Steel has chosen to use the dragon as the inspiration for their latest walking stick. It is modelled after an intricately carved Dragon Stick from Cold Steel's President, Lynn C. Thompson's collection and is reproduced using expensive, hand engraved injection moulds. The detailing is astonishing, with scales running the full length of the undulating shaft, and a fearsome face with snarling fangs, it is an imposing stick you'll be proud to be seen with on almost any occasion.

It is fashioned, like many of Cold Steel's other walking sticks, from the highest grade of high impact Polypropylene available, assuring its imperviousness to the elements and guaranteeing it is virtually indestructible. Black in colour and sinuous in shape and form, it offers light to medium support and a number of grip options making it unusually suitable as an aid to balance as well as a powerful ally in an emergency self defence situation.

Cold Steel Dragon Walking Stick Specifications:

  • Weight: 24 oz
  • Overall Length: 39 1/2"
  • Head: 4 5/8"
  • Black Polypropylene
  • Handle: Black l Polypropylene
  • Other Info: 4 5/8" dragon shaped head


Model # 91PDRZ
Barcode # 705442014690
Brand Cold Steel
Shipping Weight 0.9900kg

Dragon stick

By: on 21 March 2019
I bought this stick partly to assist my injured leg but also to act as a 'body extension' for other uses. I live in a rural area, so walking in paddocks, up hills through bush etc can present difficulties. The dragon stick looked to be a good choice for my needs. In particular, being plastic it is good for negotiating hot electric fences. On field testing, I found that the stick was too long for my height (1.8 metres)so I cut about 3 cm from the end. This was easy to do as the stick is solid plastic. In the field, the stick worked well in providing support and help with rough terrain, brambles as well as electric fences. In the city it wasn't quite so good. The appearance (which I still like) is a bit 'in your face' due to the 'blackness' and the striking head design. Care is needed on hard smooth surfaces as it tends to skid (although a softer tip could probably be fitted). As for other uses in the city, only self defence comes to mind. For this purpose I don't think the stick is that suitable. The stick is heavy (and strong as a result) but does not allow easy manipulation. The balance while the hand is still on the handle doesn't allow easy, swift movement. Sliding the hand down the shaft about 30 cm provides better balance but the stick is still too heavy for fast movement for my 70+ year old muscle abilities. Overall, the stick is useful in rough going but maybe not that good or fashionable in town. Its self defence usefulness relies on the user being strong enough to wield it.

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