United Cutlery Night Watchman Umbrella | Self Defence Tool UC3384


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United Cutlery Night Watchman Umbrella Specifications:

  • 36.5" overall.
  • Carbon fiber rod that can withstand up to 200 pounds of weight.
  • Fiber reinforced nylon handle.
  • Round pommel and release button.
  • Sharp, penetrating glass breaker and self-defense point tops the end of the shaft.
  • Comes in nylon slip cover with shoulder straps.
  • Color: Black.


SKU UC3384
Brand United Cutlery
Shipping Weight 0.4540kg

Excellent Umbrella

By: on 19 January 2022
I have had this umbrella for a few months now and tested it in heavy rain, wind and sun. It performed well in all scenarios. The press-button, auto-open works smoothly with a nice action to spring the canopy into the open position. The carbon fibre shaft is an assurance of its strength along with the solid feeling handle and metal tip. The eight ribs, keep the canopy very taught and water beads off the fabric even during a heavy downpour. Being a full sized umbrella, I did not get wet at all. In the wind, the eight ribs gave extra strength to the canopy facing into the wind but, like all umbrellas, it should not face away from the wind otherwise the umbrella could turn inside out or be pulled out of the hand. As a sunshade, the umbrella kept me cooler when waiting in long cues and performs so much better than a hat. The construction is first class with quality materials. The metal tip comes with a plastic cap which I replaced with a rubber chair leg tip so it can be used as a walking stick too. The fibre-reinforced nylon handle is very solid and could be used for self defence, like an African knobkerrie, to deter a savage animal or attacker. Supported by the carbon fibre shaft, it would be unlikely to break. The tip can also be used as a glass breaker, a handy tool in an emergency to escape a train, bus, or getting someone out of a crashed car. The umbrella comes with a nylon case to allow it to be carried across the shoulder, but is light enough to fold and put into the pocket when the umbrella is being used. I have found the United Cutlery Night Watchman Umbrella to be a quality piece of kit, so handy for multiple situations. It is more than just an umbrella.

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