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Extac Australia is the number one place to buy training swords, knives, staffs and other training gear. All of our training equipment is made from either a reinforced rubber or the almost indestructible polypropylene plastic. Our training gear is a direct replica of the weapons original counterpart allowing the user to capture the maximum effect out of training without the need or use of a live blade.


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Our training gear is the best option when used for cosplay weapons based on how accurate our cosplay swords, knives, staffs and weapons are in comparison to their live bladed counter parts. When building cosplay weapons Extacs gear has become popular due to how light and strong this equipment is... made from reinforced rubber and the incredibly strong polypropylene, carrying your cosplay weapons around at your next convention will be overwhelmingly easier than alternative materials that often fall apart or slow down your performance.

Not only are Extacs cosplay weapons strong but they are easy to customize. Extacs cosplay supplies are often textured to match the materials such as wood that the cosplay weapon is based off. Along with detailed texturing, all our gear features a distinct black colour designed as the perfect canvas when adding paint to the piece complimenting your vision for your costume.

Cold Steel Medieval Buckler

Cold Steel Medieval Buckler


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