Cold Steel Sjambok Whip 42" | Polypropylene, African Style, CS95SMBZ

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In Africa, the Sjambok (Sham-Bawk) is a cattle prod, a whip, a riding crop and a means of self-protection. Unlike most western style whips, the Sjambok is not plaited from thin leather thongs. Instead, it is carved whole out of very thick Hippopotamus hide. Its considerable reach, lightning speed, and devastating impact have built it quite a reputation as a sure defence against deadly snakes.

Since the Sjambok is swung like a rod or stick and not cracked like a conventional western style whip, the weight, speed, and flexibility of the Sjambok’s lash do all the work and little skill is required to wield it effectively.

Today Hippo hide is pretty scarce and not commercially viable, so Cold Steel has decided to make a synthetic version of the classic Sjambok. Featuring a thick, beefy lash, injection moulded from polypropylene and equipped with a soft comfortable Kraton handle designed to resemble braided leather, Cold Steel's synthetic Sjambok rivals the look and performance of even the most expensive originals.

What’s more, since it’s made entirely from super tough plastic it’s impervious to the elements and will never break, crack, shrink or mildew-like leather is prone to do. Keep a Sjambok handy in your vehicle. Lay it across the dash, stash it behind the seat or toss it in the bed, trunk or boot.

Hang one on the wall near the door of your home, shop, barn, coop or kennel. And don’t forget to loop one over your saddle horn every time you go riding, as Cold Steel's Sjambok is sure to be the most useful and effective whip you have ever owned.


Cold Steel Sjambok Whip Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.38kg
  • Handle: 10.25" long
  • Tip: 0.5"
  • Overall: 42”
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Handle: Kraton w/ Extruded Black Plastic Lash


Model # 95SMBZ
Barcode # 705442005957
Brand Cold Steel
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg

Cold Steel sjambok

By: on 18 June 2022
I have to be honest I have a couple of these one for the house, and one for the vehicle. Probably one of the better anti theft devices I own.

Acceptable replica of traditional sjambok

By: on 19 March 2019
Cold Steel has been making this product for many years and the vast majority of reviews are positive. It is a replica of a traditional sjambok and could be used as a non-lethal last resort to deter a dog attack if you live in an area where dog on dog attacks are a problem. Its defensive advantage is its length and swinging force. However it will stand out in a public place so cannot be recommended for public display. It is not rigid enough to use as a walking pole/stick and I replaced the cheap plastic holding loop with a strip of leather.


12 August 2018
Awesome whip, great price really for a sturdy piece that is worth having just for the hell of it. Amazed at how hard it hits with a flick of the wrist. I definitely wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it. Handle is slightly uncomfortable but not uncomfortable enough to not get it for this price. Apparantly these are good against snakes which in australia is handy. Would have given a 5 out of 5 if the handle was a bit more comfortable, what you see is what you get. Good thing to stock extac, well done.

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